M. Shaw

M. Shaw

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Professional Experiences and Accomplishments:  I am a practicing attorney with a background in litigation and transactional law. I am most proud of my civic activities which include advocating for reproductive justice and serving on the OUTMemphis Board of Directors.

Committee Involvement:

Finance Committee
Multicultural Advisory Committee

Fun/Quirky Piece of Information: I seem to be most productive and focused on days when there is a Full Moon.

Why do you serve on the OUTMemphis Board of Directors?: 

I am committed to building on the work OUTMemphis (formerly MGLCC) has done to ensure that its services and advocacy reach people of all ethnic backgrounds, all ages, all abilities, and all colors of the LGBTQIA rainbow. Part of that commitment means maintaining our existing safe space and service offerings with an eye towards future growth. Additionally, we must go OUT into the world and actively make it a place where every person is accepted and comfortable being their true, authentic self.  In that regard, I intend to serve as both liaison & agitator to straight persons, people of color and the legal community.

Board Member Contact Email: [email protected]