Josh Hall

Josh Hall

Resident Specialist

Pronouns: He/Him/His

 Josh will serve in the new role of Resident Specialist for the Metamorphosis Project. The Resident Specialist will work directly with the Youth Emergency Center’s participants during the evenings. He has several duties in his role as Resident Specialist including, closing up evening programs, enforcing curfew, securing the YEC facility, and doing the official close-up for the night. The Resident Specialist will also be responsible for finding out and attending to all needs of any overnight participants. 

Josh is a native Memphian and has lived in Mississippi for a large part of his life as well. He comes to OUTMemphis after seven years as an educator in the Mississippi school system. Josh chose to come to OUTMemphis because he got to see firsthand how a lot of Queer youth issues can go unheard. Joining the OUTMemphis team is a way to be able to address queer youth issues more openly, therefore providing a faster solution. Josh is ecstatic to be a part of this team and all the great work they do.  


Contact: [email protected]