Beginning the first week of March, Delta Trans Masculine will be meeting on Mondays at 5:00p.

Delta Trans Masculine (DTM for short) is a peer-led community social group for trans and gender non-conforming folks who identify more on the masculine side of the spectrum. This is a safe place for transmasculine folks to be authentically themselves around like-minded people who share similar identities. This group is open to friends, family, partners, spouses, and supportive allies as well.


DTM will begin meeting on Mondays at 5:00p-6:00p instead of Fridays starting the first week of March 2019. Therefore, the meeting that would normally be scheduled for Friday, March 1st 2019 will occur on Monday, March 4th 2019.


This change is to allow members of DTM to attend our core transgender social group Perpetual Transition immediately following.


For more information on our Transgender Social Groups such as DTM and Perpetual Transition, visit our web page here.


For an updated full list of our scheduled groups, visit our calendar here.

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