From Tennessee Equality Project:

House Bill 1274–The transgender bathroom bill is going to the House Judiciary Committee on 4/9/19 at 1:30pm


The members are: CHAIR M. Curcio (R); VICE CHAIR J. Garrett (R); A. Farmer (R); M. Littleton (R); B. Mitchell (D); B. Ogles (R); A. Parkinson (D); J. Potts (D); I. Rudder (R); B. Sanderson (R); P. Sherrell (R); J. Towns Jr. (D); J. VanHuss (R); W. Lamberth (R); C. Johnson (R); B. Hulsey (R); B. Beck (D); K. Camper (D); M. Carter (R); M. Daniel (R); C. Doggett (R); R. Eldridge (R); J. Faison (R); B. Griffey (R); D. Howell (R) 


Please contact them and ask them to vote no on this bill.  It’s bad for the vulnerable trans students and bad for the state.


GO HERE and take action as well.

For more information on TEP (Tennessee Equality Project) and the work they do with LGBTQ advocacy, visit their website HERE.