The Tennessee Equality Project advocates for the equal rights of LGBTQ people in Tennessee.  They do this through legislative advocacy.  That means they lobby the Tennessee General Assembly and local governments around the state.  When there is an important federal issue, like bills that include anti-LGBTQ adoption language, they help you make your voice heard with your federal officials.

This week, Tennessee Equality Project is highlighting the disparity between rural and urban voting, and the problems that difference brings about in legislation.

From Chris Sanders, Executive Director of Tennessee Equality Project:

“Memphis and the other large cities in Tennessee boast a wide range of services and activities for the LGBTQ community. And yet those of us in the cities are at a disadvantage in state politics. It often feels as if the majority in our Legislature is working against LGBTQ people because we are perceived to be urban or working against the cities because they are more inclusive. So we have a perception problem.  It’s a problem because it fuels attacks on LGBTQ rights and it’s a problem because it’s inaccurate. Thousands and thousands of LGBTQ people and allies live in rural areas. To defeat discrimination those of us in the cities must find new ways to connect with rural communities and change the way lawmakers perceive their rural districts. That’s one of the big problems TEP is working on this summer and fall ahead of the 2020 legislative session.”

For more information on Tennessee Equality Project, visit their website.

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