Youth & Families

For parents new to the LGBTQ+ community, learning how to best support your child or teen while they figure out who they are can be incredibly challenging. For parents who identify as LGBTQ+, finding community and other families like yours can also be difficult. We are here to help. Find internal groups and external resources below. For more questions or information, email [email protected].


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Social Support Groups

We Are Family

We Are Family is a quarterly group that offers a chance for LGBTQ+ families with children ages 12 and under to connect with other such families. All families have a unique blend of members that don’t always look the same as others. The purpose of this group is for youth 12 and under and their immediate family to have a welcoming space to make lasting connections with other families that may or may not resemble their own. If you have more questions about who is welcome to attend, send us an email!

Each meeting will have snacks, refreshments, and a fun activity to engage in.

Meeting Time

Quarterly (dates vary)

For more information, please visit the Facebook Event Page.


[email protected]



TransParent is a group for parents and caregivers of transgender individuals of any age. This group is meant to be a place for people in this situation to meet others facing similar issues, to learn and grow together, and to ask questions in a safe and affirming environment.

TransParent is facilitated by Dr. KT Hiestand, a certified and licensed psychologist. Please email Dr. Hiestand to RSVP for this group before attending.


Meeting Time

Every third Sunday at 1 pm.


[email protected]



PRYSM is our group for LGBTQ and Allied youth ages 13-17. This group meets once per week, and is a safe, closed environment for connection, discussion, and most importantly fun!

At each meeting, the group spends time engaging in snacks and drinks, fun planned activities, and discussion, all with peers who understand their experience. Check out the web page for Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information and to stay up-to-date, sign up for text alerts

Meeting Time

Every Saturday from 1-3 pm.


[email protected]



More resources for youth and families:

TN SB1 Resource Guide
This resource guide is designed to provide up-to-date information and concrete resources to help transgender youth continue accessing healthcare. Learn More
Southern Trans Youth Emergency Project

The Southern Trans Youth Emergency Project (STYEP) is a new regional effort that provides rapid response support directly to the families of youth who are impacted by anti-transgender healthcare bans in the South. Learn More

ACLU TN Resources

Get answers to frequently asked questions about TN’s gender-affirming healthcare ban for patients under eighteen orapply for legal assistance here.   Learn More

Connect With CHOICES
A trusted provider of gender-affirming care for patients under 18 years of age with locations in Memphis, TN and Carbondale, IL. Learn More
My Kid is Gay
An external resource filled with articles, books, podcasts and more, all focused on supporting and understand your LGBTQ+ child. Learn More
Mental Health Referrals for Youth & Families

Visit our resource guide for a list of our approved and vetted mental health providers. Learn More

University of Memphis Resources
A local resource list for LGTBQ+ teens and families. Learn More
National Resources

A comprehensive list of national LGBTQ+ support organizations. Learn More