OUTMemphis is moving into the future!


That’s right, we’re updating our front desk for the new year!

For years, we have had a physical sign-in sheet which worked out great.  Now that we are in 2019, we thought it was time for a tech upgrade.

We have installed a tablet sign-in system to make visits to the center more enjoyable, more confidential, and less confusing.  The tablet allows you to sign in quickly, is easy to use, and it does not log any personally identifiable information.

Another new thing you’ll see at the front desk are name and pronoun badges for visitors.  At OUTMemphis, we recognize that everyone deserves respect, and we want to make it easier for visitors to tell us who they are.  We are providing these badges to those who wish to make their name and pronouns known to others.

Made a change in the last few months? You can use these badges to keep our staff and volunteers up-to-date with your name and pronouns, even if you aren’t new to the center.