Our partners at Family Safety Center are introducing Love Sessions, a series of conversations curated by the Healing Rainbow, a collaboration of agencies in Memphis. This series is being hosted by partnering agencies such as OUTMemphis. Other partners include CHOICES, SisterReach, and PEAS, Inc.

Each month, there will be a “Love Session”, but these sessions will be duplicated across agencies around Memphis to ensure accessibility to the most people possible.

Love Session 1 will kick off here at OUTMemphis on December 3rd, starting at 8:00PM.

These sessions will tackle the difficult issue of domestic violence, abuse, and relationship toxicity in the LGBT community.  These sessions are built to open the door to conversations that go untouched. What energy am I bringing into the relationship? What are my boundaries and how do I efficiently communicate them with my partner? What does a toxic relationship look like? How do I pick up on red flags? Through these sessions there will be conversations – not lectures – about how to provide yourself with some TLC and make sure you are at your best to be a good partner in your current relationship and/or future relationships.

For more information about the first Love Session at OUTMemphis, visit our Facebook event page by clicking here.