Addiction & Recovery

LGBTQ people face higher risks for addiction and health disparities. OUTMemphis is committed to improving the overall health and wellness of our fellow LGBTQ citizens. We offer connection and referrals to mental and physical healthcare services of many kinds.

Outflix Film Festival

Outflix Film Festival celebrates the best films made for or by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community. OUTMemphis believes that it is important for our community to see images of LGBTQ people on the big screen. Our stories are not often visible in commercial venues. Outflix seeks to correct that by bringing to the screen our history, our loves, our losses, and our triumphs in a public way.


LGBTQ older adults are twice as likely to live alone as non-LGBT older adults and half as likely to have a spouse, life partner or significant other as older adults in the general population. OUTMemphis is committed to developing programs and services focused on the unique needs of LGBTQ seniors.

Sexual Health

The sexual health program is dedicated to reducing new HIV infection rates in Shelby County by prioritizing the following HIV prevention and sexual health efforts: education, HIV/STI testing, outreach, and research. Since gay & bisexual men, men who have sex with men (MSM), and transgender women (MSM) are disproportionately affected by HIV at a national and local level, it is essential that we provide the necessary services and programming locally that can enhance the sexual health and HIV prevention/care needs of our local LGBTQ community and community at large.

Social Activities

Potlucks, comedy shows and game nights are only some of the many social events offered at OUTMemphis. We recognize that people need community centers for different reasons and we love bringing together our community for fun events. Feel free to join us for one of our social events and make some new friends, learn about the center or just hang out!


We are committed to nurturing a relationship of cooperation and striving towards the full institutional inclusion of transgender members at OUTMemphis. In an effort to better serve our members, we will offer trans-inclusive and trans-specific programming, actively recruit transgender people for leadership roles in OUTMemphis endeavors, and seek out input from the transgender community and be open and receptive to the feedback received


OUTMemphis’ Youth Services Program consists of education, programming and advocacy work dedicated to helping LGBTQ teens and young adults feel empowered and supported. We work with the school system, libraries and other youth programs within Memphis to create important connections that help form safe spaces in our city. The Youth Services Program also works with homeless 18-25 year olds to provide support and supplies. We are also working towards implementing our solution to end LGBTQ youth homelessness in Memphis through a housing program called the Metamorphosis Project.