Transgender Services

“OUTMemphis supports the work of Perpetual Transition and actively works with the group to address transgender issues and concerns. The Board of Directors of OUTMemphis believes in and supports our Mission which states: “OUTMemphis is a mechanism for change in the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to facilitate long-term positive growth in themselves and in the community of the Mid-South.”We fully include all members of our community. We are committed to nurturing a relationship of cooperation and striving towards the full institutional inclusion of transgender members at OUTMemphis. In an effort to better serve our members, we will offer trans-inclusive and trans-specific programming, actively recruit transgender people for leadership roles in OUTMemphis endeavors, and seek out input from the transgender community and be open and receptive to the feedback received. We support transgender-led initiatives and include among our goals those considered priorities for the transgender community. We acknowledge the diversity among transgender people as well as understand the similarities and differences with the cissexual LGB community.We recognize that Cissexism is and has been present historically in the larger cissexual LGB movement. We actively and specifically work to include transgender people and concerns in all of our endeavors at OUTMemphis.”
– OUTMemphis Board Statement of Support

Virtual T

Virtual T is an online gathering open to anyone 18+ who identifies as a member of the trans or GNC community, Virtual T is a chance to come together and connect with other folks during this time of isolation. This group will be a time to socialize, check in, and seek support.


Check out our Facebook page for more information.

Meeting Time

Tuesdays at 6 pm via Zoom.


[email protected]

Perpetual Transition


This is the first meeting of a program committee for transgender services at OUTMemphis. We invite Trans/GNC community members of the Mid-South to join us to help provide assistance, feedback and input in planning events as well as to help in event outreach and promotion.

OUTMemphis wants to create trans-centered events that are accessible and representative of ALL of our community members. We want our events to celebrate and highlight the broad spectrum of amazing people in our community. Therefore, we are inviting Trans/GNC identified community members who are committed to helping plan trans-centered community events. Together, we will plan events, awareness campaigns, and aid in event promotion and outreach.

If you’re a Trans/GNC community member and have interest in attending this first meeting, please RSVP using this form.

Meeting Information

Meetings are held at our community center located at 892 Cooper Street.

Please contact our Transgender Services Manager to find out when the next committee meeting is.



Trans ID Workshop


The Trans ID Workshop is designed to help trans/GNC community members navigate the processes of updating legal identity documents through their transitioning; including name change, gender markers, and other such paperwork. It can be overwhelming and sometimes difficult to find information on how to update your documents. We try to break it down and present the information in a way that makes it feel more accessible and a less intimidating process. Where applicable, blank documents and applications will be provided as part of the workshop upon request. This workshop is open to any community members, so if you’d like to attend, please email us (see below).

Meeting Time

Every First and Third Monday at 6:00 pm via zoom.



Trans Best of Memphis Guide


The Trans Best of Memphis Guide is an annual handbook curated by OUTMemphis’s Trans Service Department. It is created for navigating transgender-friendly organizations, businesses, non-profits, and faith communities in Memphis. The guide is updated annually in November and is compiled based on interviews and surveys taken by transgender people in Memphis and the Mid-South.
To access the Trans Best of Memphis Guide for this year, click the button below!



TransParent is a group for parents and caregivers of transgender individuals of any age. This group is meant to be a place for people in this situation to meet others facing similar issues, to learn and grow together, and to ask questions in a safe and affirming environment.

TransParent is facilitated by Dr. KT Hiestand, a certified and licensed psychologist. Please email Dr. Hiestand to RSVP for this group before attending.

Meeting Time

Third Sunday of each month, 2:00p-3:00p