PRYSM Advisors

Name: Stephanie
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Where did you grow up?: Water Valley, MS
Dogs or cats?: Both!
Cupcakes or Ice cream?: Cupcakes all year long and ice cream in the winter
Facebook or Twitter?: Facebook
Favorite Place to eat in Memphis:  So many choices and not enough belly space. My favorite 2 are Phase 1 Salads By Design and Southern Hands.
Favorite Emoji and why: The laughing smiley face that is side ways and crying. If was an Emoji in the Emoji Movie, this one is me 100%.
Hobbies: Playing video games, reading books/Manga/Manhua, writing, watching Anime and most importantly being the biggest OTAKU possible!
Why do you want to be a PRYSM advisor?:  I enjoy working with youth! It makes me happy to be able to provide a safe place for LGBTQ teens. This is something that I feel especially strong about because I grew up without an LGBTQ role model, or a safe, fun, and supportive place to explore and better understand who I am.

Name: Emerson Kirkpatrick
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Where did you grow up?: East Memphis
Dogs or cats?: I’m a proud Cat Dad to Miss Kitty Periwinkle Kirkpatrick (15) and Phoebe “Phat Phoebez” Kirkpatrick (12)
Cupcakes or Ice cream?: Cupcakes because icing is the most important dairy option out there.
Facebook or Twitter?: Facebook all the way.
Favorite Place to eat in Memphis:  I’m a die hard fan of Dino’s Grill and El Mezcal.
Favorite Emoji and why: The robot because I have a weird thing for collecting robot related things just like your Aunt Susan who collects chicken decorations.
Hobbies: I love fishing, exploring new places and listening to Old Time Radio podcasts. Ive listened to every episode of The Whisperer, Dragnet, The Shadow, Gunsmoke and many more!
Why do you want to be a PRYSM advisor?:  I grew up knowing that I didn’t identify with the body I was born with and knowing that it was a dangerous idea to talk about it with the people I knew. At 15 I found out about the Memphis Area Gay Youth (MAGY) and joined the group! Experiencing just 3 hours a week of being respected and understood was enough support to get me by for the rest of the week. While I loved and spent much of my time with the youth that attended, it was incredibly impactful for me to get to know the adult advisors because it gave me a sense of comfort knowing that these adults were still able to thrive in life regardless of their identity. It’s my goal to be a resource, role model and just a person that will listen to any youth who needs to be heard and supported because I truly understand the importance of being a safe adult to all youth.

Name: Stephanie
Zodiac sign: Aries
Where did you grow up?: NYC!
Dogs or cats?: DOGS
Cupcakes or Ice cream?: Is cookies an option?
Facebook or Twitter?: Facebook, even though it’s for old people now.
Favorite Place to eat in Memphis: Slider Inn!
Favorite Emoji and why: The one with one eye winking and the tongue sticking out becuase I make that face in real life all the time.
Why do you want to be a PRYSM advisor?: It’s really important to me that LGBTQ teens have a safe place in this city where they can be themselves. I know that figuring out who you are in addition to everyday teen pressures can be really stressful and sometimes overwhelming. I know that sometimes you want to just go someplace where others will respect your pronouns and the name you want to use. And sometimes you just want to hang out with people who have had similar experiences. Or maybe you’re a straight ally and want to make new friends. Whatever you need it to be, PRYSM can be that place.

Name: Kat
Zodiac sign: cancer
Where did you grow up?: Gulfport, MS! #gulfcoast
Dogs or cats?: Kats…with a k (jk DOGS)
Cupcakes or Ice cream?: ice cream, duh.
Facebook or Twitter?: Instagram!
Favorite Place to eat in Memphis: Celtic crossing because I get to watch soccer.
Favorite Emoji and why: The salsa dancing woman, ?? because salsa dancing can apply to most situations
Hobbies: Hiking, hanging with my pups, camping, going to Memphis festivals
Why do you want to be a PRYSM advisor?: When I was younger I didn’t have an LGBTQ role model so I want to be that person for the teens coming to PRYSM.

Name: Leander
Zodiac sign: Leo
Where did you grow up?:  Portland, Oregon. I know, I know, you want to move there. Talk to me before you do; I’ll tell you all about it!
Dogs or cats?: Dogs, for sure. I love them!!
Cupcakes or Ice cream?: Ice cream. I especially love either chocolate peanut butter or *hiding face in hands* VANILLA!
Facebook or Twitter?: Facebook. Twitter gives me a headache.
Favorite Place to eat in Memphis: Crazy Noodle on Madison!
Favorite Emoji and why: The cat with the heart eyes is my patronus, for sure.
Hobbies: Sewing, gardening, writing songs, meditation, swimming, any sort of nature thing (hiking, camping, fishing), lifelong learning.
Why do you want to be a PRYSM advisor?: For so many reasons. Because spaces where queer folks can be themselves and have fun are actually subversive and radical. Because taking emotional care of young people is a tradition in LGBTQ culture. Because I genuinely enjoy mentoring teenagers – being an adolescent is difficult but it can be one of the most thoughtful and heartfelt times in a person’s life.

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