Senior Services at OUTMemphis helps provide social support for LGBTQ+ Seniors in the Mid-South. In March, we asked community members what they wanted, and activities that increased flexibility and helped seniors stay active were at the top of the list.

Since May, Senior Services has been putting on a weekly set of Tai Chi lessons to meet that need. You asked for it, we provided it, and the community has taken advantage of it!

Here’s what our participants have to say about Tai Chi:

“…a wonderful experience that has helped me improve my balance and confidence walking and moving in general,”

“I have less arthritis pain–this has been an issue daily for 30 years!”

“My body and mind are grateful for the extended changes in strength, flexibility and sense of well-being,”

“After each class I feel more powerful, peaceful, and calm…the positive energy we create by the ancient practice of Tai Chi, with the true judgement-free atmosphere of OUT is an awesome and winning combination.”

The cost of each class session is $50, and we want to run another 6 weeks of classes in October. Weekly classes can make a dramatic impact on a person’s health, but often the people who attend are unable to pay the fee on their own.

Want to help Senior Services continue to provide these classes? To start another round of classes in October, we need to raise $300. If you can make a one-time gift to support this work, know that every little bit helps! Follow this link to donate and indicate that you want your donation to go to “Tai-Chi Classes” in the comments. Help improve someone’s physical and emotional life through this ancient healing art! Unbeknownst to many people, this type of exercise really can make a positive difference to someone’s life, and if you’ve never tried it, then now is the time to do it. Alongside taking CBD oil that may have been prescribed by your doctor, the art form of Tai-Chi is a great alternative in helping you to feel better in yourself, and this is important. Not forgetting the impact it can have for other people. So, please, help us raise the money we need to keep these classes going, and donate anything you can.