The Tennessee Equality Project advocates for the equal rights of LGBTQ people in Tennessee.  They do this through legislative advocacy.  That means they lobby the Tennessee General Assembly and local governments around the state.  When there is an important federal issue, like bills that include anti-LGBTQ adoption language, they help you make your voice heard with your federal officials.

From Chris Sanders, Executive Director:

“October is LGBTQ history month. Everyone has seen posts on social media about national and international figures who have shaped our history.  We can learn a great deal from their examples.


But we are also the creators of LGBTQ history right here in the Memphis area.


In October 2012 the Memphis non-discrimination ordinance protecting LGBTQ city government employees from job discrimination passed after a long community effort.  Inspired by the work of all those who came before us, we united to move own city forward.


It’s a reminder that history is not just something we read about.  We have roles in the story, too.”


To learn more about Tennessee Equality Project, visit their website, Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram.