Dear friends,

As I head out to spend this Thanksgiving with my own family, away from work, I am feeling especially grateful for all of you, our friends, volunteers, and our donors.

Molly Quinn
But the truth is, the holidays are a complicated time for LGBTQ+ people everywhere. Over the last decade, 39% of LGBTQ+ Americans were rejected by a family member. This season, many people are asked to share a table with those who choose to shame, to ignore, or to belittle us. Even more are excluded altogether.

In defiance of this fact, I often say that one of the privileges of being a part of the LGBTQ+ community is an ever-expanding definition of family. We understand the infinite number of ways to have family. We understand — more than most — the abiding love of chosen family. This time of year, I feel deeply grateful for this simple principle.

By participating in our programs, volunteering your time, and donating to OUTMemphis, you contribute to expanding this definition of love. Tomorrow, as I sit at my own, Thanksgiving table, I will be giving thanks for all of you: our chosen family.


With love from all of us,


Molly Rose Quinn
Executive Director


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