OUTMemphis is a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organization


OUTMemphis empowers, connects, educates, and advocates for the LGBT community of the Mid-South.


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals live in a world where everyone has equal rights, and is safe, respected, and celebrated.

Foundational Goals

Role as a Hub

OUTMemphis is the main connection point for finding information and connecting with resources related to LGBT issues, and fosters collaboration among a diverse array of LGBT organizations.

Fully Engaged Community

OUTMemphis’ fully-engaged community expresses its sense of ownership and belonging by participating in Center programs and services, volunteering, and ongoing financial support.


Adequate Physical Space

OUTMemphis has a safe, welcoming, accessible and scalable environment sufficient to meet the needs of the programs and services we offer.

Programs and Services

OUTMemphis provides dynamic, high-quality, life-enhancing programs and services that meet the diverse needs of the LGBT community of all ages.


Financial Security

OUTMemphis has stable, diversified revenues with net increases in assets each year that allow for allocations to reserves and to ongoing capital improvements.