Health & Wellness

OUTMemphis is home to the region’s most innovative HIV services which, since the founding of our Sexual Health program in 2009, have focused on prevention, linkage to care, and peer-led social support for black and brown MSM and trans women in the South, who are at the highest risk for diagnosis and illness. Since then, our Health and Wellness program has grown to include five areas: sexual health, mental health, intimate partner violence, spiritual health, physical health, and substance abuse. Today, OUTMemphis provides navigation, peer-led social support groups, and LGBTQ+ affirming referrals for all demographics. We believe that access to holistic, affordable health resources is a human right.

Sexual Health
Our free, confidential, affirming sexual health support includes HIV testing, outreach and education, and PrEP/PEP navigation in both Spanish and English.
Mental Health
Connect to counseling or find a support group that fits you. LGBTQ+ people with mental health needs face a double stigma. In a crisis? We are here.
Substance Abuse
Join one of our addiction and recovery groups today. LGBTQ+ people are twiceas likely to use and abuse addictive substances. Our locations are equipped with free Narcan/Naxalone and we routinely provide free trainings about this lifesaving drug.
Physical Health
Social determinants of health derived from discrimination impact the overall health and wellness of LGBTQ+ people. Join our Tai Chi and Trauma-Informed Yoga classes today and check our schedule for our Body Image & Eating Disorders Workshop. Looking for an LGBTQ+ physician? Search the Resource Guide.
Intimate Partner Violence
Speak with one of our staff members today and be immediately connected to our local partner agencies with educated, affirming support. Being LGBTQ+ should not be an obstacle to reporting and healing from abuse.
Spiritual Health
We are here to build and rebuild religious and spiritual connections for LGBTQ+ people who have been rejected from their communities.

Other Programs & Resources

Trans Services

Join our vibrant trans community to find direct services and social connection. We also provide trans-led HIV testing & PrEP/Navigation.
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Link to peers, friends, and support systems through our programs for LGBTQ+ and allied 55+.
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Peer & Social Groups

Find fellowship, discussions, and mentorship through our network of peer groups.

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We Are Here
If you need help today, find that here.