Metamorphosis Project


The Metamorphosis Project is our nationally-recognized program for youth 18-24 year olds facing homelessness and instability. Barriers to safety in the region far outpace the national landscape. LGBTQ+ youth facing family conflict, domestic abuse, and other intersectional factors must cope with limited friendly resources. Forged in 2017, our community-driven team has housed more than 150 young adults.


The Youth Emergency Center will be recruiting volunteers to prep, serve meals, and sort materials in our Donation Center. We are particularly interested in volunteer groups or businesses who are willing to commit to multiple days of helping with dinner.

Find Support

We provide emergency and transitional shelter onsite at the YEC for those 18-24 and can help you get connected to permanent or rapid re-housing. Contact us by calling (901) 672-7594. Drop-in hours (18-24) are 12 pm – 8 pm, M – F, 2055 Southern Avenue.

The Project is powered by our community and people like you! Every young adult who comes through our program is served by the many individuals and organizations who support us. Make a gift today or find our in-kind wish list.

Seeking Housing or Emergency Support?

Call 901-672-7594 or email [email protected]

Our Drop-in hours at 2055 Southern Avenue are from 12-8 pm, Monday-Friday. 


Approximate % of individuals that identify as LGBTQ in the general population


Approximate % of youth that identify as LGBTQ on the street nationwide

 Youth Emergency Center

 The Services 

Emergency Housing

We provide immediate housing for up to 30 nights depending on capacity.

Rapid Rehousing

We provide a year of full rental assistance and case management in your own, independent apartment.

Youth Emergency Center

Our Drop-in Center is open at 2055 Southern Avenue. Come by for meals, laundry, showers, computer access, and our beautiful lounge space. 18-24-year-olds only.

Case Management

Our staff team knows our community because we’ve lived these journeys, too. Connect with us to find transportation, mental health, career support, and all the basics, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a young adult is under the age of 18?
If you are under 18 years old and are experiencing homelessness, there are resources out there for you! The services offered at OUTMemphis for youth experiencing homelessness are for 18 and older but many of our partner agencies provide runaway beds and resources to serve unaccompanied minors.

Youth Villages participates in Project Safe Space and has a house with runaway beds on Poplar ave. Please contact them for more information.

Porter Leath also has runaway beds and also has a hotline number that you can call-(901) 573-8016

Who is eligible for the Metamorphosis Project Services?
  • The Youth Emergency Services Program is for young adults who:

    • Are between the ages of 18 & 24
    • Identify as LGBTQ

    Please note: You do not need to be experiencing homelessness to receive services. 

    The Rapid Re-Housing Program is for young adults who:

    • Are between the ages of 18 & 24
    • Are literally homeless (You slept on the street, in a car, in an abandoned building, etc, the night before. This can also include couch surfing, which is when you stay with various friends/family because you have nowhere else to go)
    • Identify as LGBTQ

    If you have any questions about these requirements please contact [email protected]

Do you have to pay for services?
All services offered at OUTMemphis are free

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