Resource Guide

In the early 1980s, a group of activists formed the “Gay Switchboard,” a confidential hotline to find safe spaces and resources. Today, our Resource Guide serves as the “hub” for the LGBTQ+ community in the Mid-South. Below, find our guide of providers, businesses, social spaces, and more. Note: This page is under construction. We recommend giving us a call at 901-278-6422 or emailing us at [email protected] for resources. 

General LGBTQ+ resources: 

[email protected] 


Resources for LGBTQ+ youth (ages 18-24): 

[email protected] 


Resources for LGBTQ+ youth (ages 12-17): 

[email protected] 


Resources for TGNC (Trans and Gender Non-Conforming) Folx (ages 18+): 


Resources for LGBTQ+ Health & Wellness (sexual health, mental health, primary care, etc): 


Resources for LGBTQ+ Seniors (ages 55+): 

[email protected] 

Resources for LGBTQ+ Latine Community: