Joshua Carlucci

Joshua Carlucci

Health & Wellness Operations Manager

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Josh is the Health & Wellness Operations Manager at OUTMemphis. He comes to this work with a background in education and culinary arts, and is dedicated to providing equitable health and sustenance resources to the LGBTQ+ community.

As a former educator and chef, Josh has long been concerned with food access, security, and sovereignty. He believes that consistent access to nutritious, whole foods is the cornerstone to community building and empowerment. He is dedicated to dismantling of barriers that block folx across the spectrum from reliable access to food.

Alongside the Cooper community center team, Josh manages and supports programming efforts that serve the community with resources to sustain or improve their mental, physical, and sexual health. He oversees the planning of upcoming projects, such as the OUTMemphis community food hub, and assists in existing programs, such as HIV testing and PrEP/PEP navigation.

Josh comes to OUTMemphis because, in his goal of fully actualizing the potential of his mission-driven work, he wanted to grow within an organization that serves the community in which he identifies. He believes that becoming self-sustaining and sovereign from systems of oppression is the growth that the LGBTQ+ community needs in order to become the monolith it wants to see.

Contact: [email protected]