Shira Grant

Shira Grant

Development & Communications Manager

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Shira Grant is the Development and Communications Manager for OUTMemphis. Her job mostly involves the fundraising and public involvement arm of OUTMemphis, such as keeping up communications with donors, supporters and community members. She is passionate about fundraising because financial security helps OUTMemphis’s programs and services continue to grow and thrive. Shira chose to work in nonprofit development because she wanted to help maximize the positive impact of nonprofit programming and services for the Memphis community. With OUTMemphis’s reputation and outstanding commitment to serving the local LGBTQ+ community, she is thrilled to have the opportunity to work here.

Growing up in a religiously conservative household, Shira understands the profound impact of having the love and support of a queer community behind her. Waking up every day knowing that her work will help provide other LGBTQ+ individuals with the same life-changing support is the most fulfilling career she could ever dream of having. She hopes that she can help OUTMemphis continue to expand and thrive to further empower our community and continue to make Memphis a more affirming place for all of us.

Contact: [email protected]