Stephanie Bell

Stephanie Bell

Director of the Metamorphosis Project (Youth Emergency Services)

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Director of the Metamorphosis Project entails much responsibility over the day to day operation of the housing project.  I ensure the programs provide a high quality of services to youth in the community.  I continuously improve current projects along with the innovation to create new projects. Besides being the lead case manager and collaborating with youth to establish a base for their self-sufficiency; my role consists of forming a partnership with local providers advancing the knowledge on youth homelessness.

I devote most of my time focusing on ways to improve shelter relationship with LGBTQ+ community, bring more awareness around youth homelessness, and encouraging youth to empower themselves in their local community. As a person of color, one mission I have is encouraging other people of color to rise as leaders and make changes in the social system as well as the way our community is served. I spend some of my time looking for creative outreach opportunities for youth services and visioning a youth community center built with recreational amenities.

On a daily bases, I read articles and see news broadcast about a youth suffering because society cannot accept those outside the social norm. If I can help youth become housed, and educated Shelby county on youth experience homelessness, I can say there is a reason to urge myself to do my shift with much gratification. When a youth cries after signing their lease and officially unlock their first apartment, I know it’s worth getting and work with unprivileged individuals. 

My decision to work at OUTMemphis are many reasons, but the main reason was my struggles as African American LGBTQ youth in rural Mississippi. I had no queer role model or organization to help understand myself as the question around my gender, and sexual orientation rose. I used my experiences as the motivation to gain my bachelor and Associate degrees in Psychology. Working at OUTMemphis provides me with the opportunity to be a role model in the community, and show young people of color identifying as LGBTQ+ we have a strong leadership team advocating for their needs.

I plan to return to school for my Masters in Psychology. I want to initiate a program at OUTMemphis around mental health. OUTMemphis social service program expanding housing needs to adult community members. 

Contact: [email protected]