Casey Bryant

Casey Bryant


Pronouns: They/Them

Professional Experiences and Accomplishments: I am the Executive Director of Advocates for Immigrant Rights, a non-profit law firm representing immigrants, especially those most marginalized throughout the region. I founded AIR in 2019. I’m licensed to practice law in New York, Arkansas, and Tennessee and have 10 years of experience providing non-profit legal services to minorities in the South. I also serve on the Executive Board of the Tennessee Bar Association’s LGBT Section.

Committee Involvement: Throughout my tenure with OUTMemphis, I have served on the Governance and Finance Committees as well as the Executive Committee. As the Board Chair, I oversee all of the committees.

Fun/Quirky Piece of Information: Before I went to law school, I studied Asian Theater at the University of Hawai’i and played a spear-wielding warrior in a Beijing Opera.

Why do you serve on the OUTMemphis Board of Directors?: I went to law school so that I would have the skills to serve and defend others in systems that are often complicated and inaccessible. So much of running a successful non-profit involves navigating legal and financial structures, which takes away time and resources that need to be spent fulfilling the actual mission of the organization. I serve on OUTMemphis’ Board, volunteering my time and expertise so that the staff can maximize their resources in the endeavor of empowering, connecting, educating, and advocating for the LGBT community of the Mid-South.