Phillis Lewis

Phillis Lewis

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Professional Experiences and Accomplishments: Phillis Lewis was born in Chicago but now resides in Memphis,TN with her family. After finishing her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice & Criminology at the University of Memphis, Phillis began her career at the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office working with crime victims there for 8 years. She has worked as an advocate for victims of crime in the LGBTQ+ Community for over 10 years and is the Founder/CEO of Love Doesn’t Hurt which focuses on violence in the LGBTQ+ Community. Phillis works with many non-profit organizations such as Mid-South Pride, Friends For Life, Memphis Pegasus Krewe, Planned Parenthood, Men of Hoist, Out Memphis, and donates her time as well to many others.

Fun/Quirky Information: Loves Mexican Pizzas and All Things Marvel.

Why do you choose to serve as an OUTMemphis partner?: I serve as a partner with OUTMemphis because their values are in line with those of Love Doesn’t Hurt. Through our collaboration together I know that we will be able to better serve the LGBTQ+ Community and continuing to promote Cultural Humility. We Are Here…TOGETHER!!!!!

Partner Contact Email: [email protected]