Welcome to the timeline of news, events, and history of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community of the Mid-South. Most of the entries on the timeline are local events, while some are national or international events that affect all LGBTQ people. This timeline is a small part of a larger archiving project we initiated to ensure that our history is preserved. Included in that larger project are collecting oral histories, digitizing print material, identifying photographs, and preserving video. We hope you enjoy learning more about our rich and varied experience. For more information about our larger archiving project, see theĀ ARCHIVE.

We acknowledge that the history of the LGBTQ community in the Mid-South includes a history of racial discrimination and segregation. This timeline is a work in progress and reflects that history of racial segregation. We are committed to advancing the racial integration of the LGBTQ community in the present and continuing to add to this history until it is truly accurate and representative of all LGBTQ people, communities, and events in the Mid-South. Please contact us if you are able to contribute information about historical events affecting African American and Latinx same-gender loving and transgender communities in the Mid-South.

Many of the timeline entries include pictures where the chosen names of the individuals pictured have been lost. Please send your corrections and additions to the events currently posted to us via email.

If you are in possession of historical materials (including pictures, print media, video, etc) that you want added to the archiveĀ please send them to us for consideration.