I Know – HIV Testing and Counseling Training

What is I Know?

I Know – HIV Prevention Counseling and Testing Training is the training that certifies people in Tennessee to test for HIV, provide HIV prevention counseling, and deliver HIV test results. OUTMemphis is the approved I Know training center for West Tennessee.

Who is I Know For?

– Staff at agencies providing HIV testing, prevention, and or care services.

– Volunteers sponsored by agencies providing HIV testing, prevention, and or care services.

When Does I Know Occur?

  • Feb 16th-18th from 9am-4pm CT
  • March 17th-19th  from 9am-4pm CT
  • April 6th-8th from 9am-4pm CT
  • May 12th-14th from 9am-4pm CT
  • June 8th-10th from 9am-4pm CT

*you must attend all three days of the training to complete your certification.

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Pre-registration is mandatory for participation, limited spots are available. For any I Know Training question email Jessie Claudio, Health Services Manager