Chris Riales

Chris Riales

Operations Specialist

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

I help to manage the influx and output of information through the center. Maintaining calendars and social media, navigating folks to information, referring resources to community members, and coordinating volunteer work. My job is mainly to support other programs and help them succeed! Like any well-oiled machine, OUTMemphis has to have someone making sure the gears and cogs stay lubricated. I focus a lot of my time on minute behind-the-scenes upkeep to keep things running smoothly. I love knowing that the work I’m doing is contributing to changing the landscape of the Mid-South for LGBTQ people. My biggest goal in life is to be the LGBTQ person that I needed when I was a young person struggling to know where I fit into society. I want to be an active part in growing and improving the state of affairs for LGBTQ folks in mainstream culture. I hope for a time when advocating for equity and against disparity for the LGBTQ community is no longer necessary. I hope for a day when the fight for equality is no longer needed. Until then, I’m glad to work towards that end.

Contact: [email protected]