Born into a family of makers in Canton, Mississippi, Trinette Johnson-Williams’s first building project at the age of seven was inspired by an episode of “The Little Rascals”.  While parental discovery thwarted her ambitious plan to fabricate the ultimate go-cart in the middle of the family living room, the experience left Trinette with a lifelong love of creating things using raw materials and power tools.  Now all grown up and with tools of her own, Trinette is the principal of TJ Builds, the Memphis-based business that she established to express her passion for building in every sense of the word.  She designs, crafts, and installs custom furniture and closets and also provides residential and commercial construction management and project liaison services.  In addition, Trinette views TJ Builds as medium to help forge new paths for African American women in the construction industry and as a starting point for developing a support network for other entrepreneurs.  Her personal mission is to ensure that everyone and every thing has a place.

Before starting TJ Builds, Trinette’s professional career included tenure at GLE Associates and FedEx as well as paid construction management internships at Restocon Corporation and Grinder Haizlip Construction.  She received a bachelor of business administration from the University of Memphis and certification in architecture and construction fundamentals from Southwest Tennessee Community College.  She is currently working on a master of science in construction management through Drexel University.

In addition, Trinette is the Owner Representative of OUTMemphis as a liaison to our contractors for the Metamorphosis Project Youth Emergency Center.

Custom woodworker. Construction project manager. Owner representative.  Industry trailblazer.
From bookshelves to homes, from projects to community, #TJBuilds.