“Today, Governor Bill Lee signed into law a ban all gender affirming care for minors in Tennessee as well as a law to prohibit “adult-oriented entertainment” including “male and female impersonators,” from public property and restrict to venues prohibited to minors. While we were guaranteed to see these bills signed, it is no less devastating to see these harmful, targeted, and ultimately safety-threatening laws in place after being rushed through by state lawmakers. To our community, beloved young people, courageous drag performers, and all those who deserve to explore gender diversity with safety and support, know that we are with you and will be unfailingly pursuing solutions to this political moment and future. We will never stop fighting for you. We will be here, no matter what.”

Molly Rose Quinn,

Executive Director

“To the youth of Tennessee and to the parents that support them, I want you to always remember that no matter what happens in life you are amazing, you are beautiful, worthy of joy, happiness, and respect. Do not ever allow anyone to tear you down mentally or physically, always demand respect and don’t accept anything less. The world is cruel but you are stronger, you can overcome anything just don’t ever give up or quit, remember there is always a rainbow after the storm.”

Jenna Dunn,

Trans Services Specialist

Current young adults under 18 who are not yet engaged in gender affirming care but seek to be, we encourage you to contact CHOICES here in Memphis, the Graves Gilbert Clinic in Bowling Green, KY, or the Transgender Health Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

LGBTQ+ youth under 18 looking for social support and community should join us for PRYSM every Saturday or contact Anu Iyer, Community Manager, at [email protected].