One of the biggest areas of the work we focus on at OUTMemphis is Sexual Health. While this phrase can cover a broad range of topics, one of the most important aspects of Sexual Health is testing for HIV, helping to prevent new transmissions of HIV, and navigating those who are diagnosed as HIV+ into care and treatment. The Greater Memphis Area is currently 8th in the country for new transmissions of HIV, so this work is specifically important here. 

Our partners at Friends For Life Corporation have made testing, treatment, and prevention the core of what they do as an organization.  Navigating the stigma surrounding HIV is a big part of that work. Stigma can cause people to be ashamed of sharing their HIV+ status with partners, prevent them from getting tested for HIV regularly or even prevent them from seeking out treatment for HIV. All of these things only work to further the spread of the virus. 


Friends For Life Corporation‘s Executive Director, Diane Duke


Friends For Life Corporation has recently put out a survey specifically to gauge the levels and types of stigma that exist within communities surrounding HIV. By knowing how stigma surrounding this virus affects communities, they will be able to better tailor programs and initiatives to address this head-on. Not only will Friends For Life and their clients benefit from this valuable information, but agencies all over the region (OUTMemphis included) will be able to use this information to inform the way they address the HIV epidemic. 

Click the button below to take the survey:


For more information on Friends For Life Corporation and the work they do surrounding HIV, check out their website or their Facebook page.