Every semester, OUTMemphis is proud to host interns from many academic institutions in the region. These interns are working towards degrees in a variety of programs, and they assist on a wide range of projects under the supervision of OUTMemphis staff. We are happy to host these interns with the hopes that they will learn new skills that they can then apply to their future careers.

This semester, OUTMemphis has 5 interns. You can read more about each of them and the work they are doing to help OUTMemphis accomplish our mission.

Jason Brown

Special Projects Volunteer


Jason Brown is currently pursuing his BA in Professional Psychology with a concentration in Public Health at Christian Brothers University. He has been volunteering with OUTMemphis for a few months, and he expressed interest in getting more involved with the Health & Wellness program. This year, the Health & Wellness program was created to address the many health disparities and issues that are affecting our local LGBTQ+ community. Jason will play a pivotal role in supporting the Senior Director of Health & Wellness Martavius Hampton to develop the necessary services and programming under the Health & Wellness program, specifically each of the six Health & Wellness tiers: sexual health, mental health, intimate partner violence, substance use/misuse, spiritual health, and physical health.

Jamal Jones

Sexual Health Program Intern


Jamal Jones is currently pursuing his BA in Healthcare Leadership, Health Sciences with a focus on Healthcare Society at University of Memphis. As a sexual health program intern at OUTMemphis, Jamal will help to further the projects and plans currently proposed for the sexual health program. There are huge aspirations for the sexual health program in 2020 and beyond, thus Jamal ‘s efforts will be vital to the new sexual health program developments.

Jasmine Hill

Youth Services Program Intern


Jasmine Hill  is a Graduate level student in the Masters of Social Work (MSW) program at University of Memphis. Jasmine will be interning with OUTMemphis until May 2020. Her main study of focus is working with Youth & Families. She works closely with Emerson Kirkpatrick, Youth Services Specialist, helping to complete tasks, do research on Youth & Families issues, and acting as an advisor for PRYSM. Jasmine strives to be a helpful advisor and an advocate or our youth. 

Sarah Osborne

Operations Intern


Sarah Osborne is working on her Masters in Divinity from Meadville Lombard Theological Seminary, with hopes to become a Universalist Unitarian minister. Sarah will be working with OUTMemphis until May of 2020. During this time, her goals are varied, but they all center around learning how to be a better force for good for the community at large. Among these goals are the desire to learn more about service to a diverse community, learning about sustainable funding and fundraising practices, and learning how to adapt and fit services offered to the needs of the community.

Michalah Hayden

Development Intern


Michalah Hayden is an intern at OUTMemphis through the Gender and Sexuality Studies Department at Rhodes College. She will be interning here until the middle of December. As an intern, she mainly focuses on assisting in planning events hosted by OUTMemphis. She also assists Stephanie Reyes, Senior Director of Development & Education, with various fundraising and donor related tasks. 

For more information about becoming an intern at OUTMemphis, contact Chris Riales at [email protected]