Like all of you, this year, we learned to cope with unknowns. Would the launch of the vaccine be successful? What kind of programs would we be able to do? Would the new laws pass discriminating against trans youth and adults? By the fall, the Delta surge had reversed the summer’s reliefs and reopening, leading to even more questions.
For me, 2021 was about understanding who we are in the face of “unknowns.” In September, we unveiled our new Strategic Plan, which I am particularly excited to share. The plan is a 3-year roadmap to a stronger center and a stronger community. The Plan guides us by asking many questions: How can we serve more people in more ways? How can we invest in those historically served less? How can we define leadership?
As the year comes to an end, the future of COVID-19 is still a question mark.
As we navigated this last year, we found some answers along the way: The Youth Emergency Center shows that WE ARE HERE. It’s an innovative facility and a “home” for a changing future. The strategic plan is a promise: WE WILL BE HERE, no matter what there is to come. We will stick it through, because we made that commitment, to you and to ourselves.
With love,
Molly Rose Quinn

Molly Rose Quinn

Executive Director