Thank you, BRIDGES, for this recognition!

OUTMemphis is excited to announce that our community partner, BRIDGES, has honored us with a new designation as a Brave, Safe, & Educated space!

Recently, BRIDGES’ Gender and Sexuality Cohort has begun vetting businesses and nonprofit organizations around Memphis to be honored as Brave, Safe, & Educated places. BRIDGES, OUTMemphis, and Girls, Inc. of Memphis are the first organizations in the Mid-South to receive this designation. Click here to see all of the Brave, Safe, & Educated locations around town.

From the BRIDGES website:

“This organization has met a list of criteria that will ensure that everyone feels brave enough to be themselves, safe in their identities, and educated on the LGBTQ+ community! Because of this, we will be presenting BRIDGES with a sticker that can be put up to let the rest of Memphis know that they are BSE.”

We thank BRIDGES for this designation, and will do our best to continue to be a brave, safe, and educated space for the LGBTQ community of Memphis.

If you’d like more information on BRIDGES, USA, visit their website.