Youth & Families

OUTMemphis’s youth program has been nationally recognized for its service and advocacy for LGBTQ+ and curious young people aged 13-24. In Memphis, most minors are Black (68%) or Latinx (13%) and/or come from low income households (78% living below 250% poverty line). Programming includes our weekly youth groups, a LGBTQ+ specific sexual education curriculum for schools, resources for Gender & Sexuality Alliances (GSAs), our annual Queer Youth Field Day, our LGBTQ+ Youth Job Fair, and much more. OUTMemphis’s largest program by far is The Metamorphosis Project, our long-term solution to ending youth homelessness in the region.

Youth Community Programs
Safe spaces provide LGBTQ+ youth with resources and support to be themselves. Our Youth Services team offers youth groups for 13-24 year-olds and works with schools, libraries and many other community based local youth services organizations to ensure that LGBTQ+ have support wherever they are.
The Metamorphosis Project
Nationally, 40% of youth living on the street identify as LGBTQ+. The Metamorphosis Project is our response to LGBTQ+ youth homelessness in Memphis. Services include our transitional housing program and our rapid re-housing program, support services & the region’s only LGBTQ+ youth-specific youth emergency center.
Parents & Families
LGBTQ+ families of all kinds come to OUTMemphis for community and support. From parents trying to connect with their newly out child to LGBTQ+ couples looking to start a family, we have a resource for that. Our team can provide education, referrals, and community connections to assist with all of your family’s needs.

Other Programs & Resources


Join our vibrant trans community to find direct services and social connection. We also provide trans-led HIV testing & PrEP/Navigation.
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Queer Youth Field Day

Don’t miss our annual Queer Youth Field Day (ages 13-24), sponsored by Nike.
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Youth Groups

Register for a group:
GenQ (ages 18-24),
PRYSM (13-24),
and We Are Family (queer families with kids 12 & under).

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