Encuentro: Reconstructing Our Health is a regional conference of LGBTQ Latinx individuals, healthcare providers, social services providers, and many others to address health disparities surrounding the intersection of Latinx, LGBTQ, and HIV positive people in the South.

Encuentro is hosted by Latinos in the Deep South, a program of Latino Commission on AIDS. This conference will be held in Atlanta, GA, July 17-19. 

OUTMemphis’s very own Jessie Claudio, Men’s Sexual Health Specialist has been asked to be a part of the steering committee for this amazing conference, which is a great honor. We are suggesting that anyone with any interest in helping to ebb the spread of HIV in the American South attend this conference. 

For more information on this conference, you can visit their website. For more information on the LGBTQ Latinx or Sexual Health services offered at OUTMemphis, you may contact Jessie Claudio via email.