Senior Services

At OUTMemphis, we recognize the special place in our community that LGBTQ 55+ members hold.  Our LGBTQ elders face barriers in their daily lives that even people their own age do not experience, simply because the people in medical, business, and community settings trained to serve them do not see them as LGBT.

At OUTMemphis, we have events and services created by LGBTQ elders for LGBTQ elders. 



Seniors OUT For Coffee

On the second Sunday of each month, LGBTQ Seniors get together for coffee, conversation, light refreshments, and fellowship with peers.  This event is planned by the OUTMemphis Senior Services Committee and is open to any LGBTQ person 55 years-of-age or older.  The next Seniors OUT For Coffee is Sunday, January 13th from 12:30p-2:30p.  Check out the event on facebook, read more on our website, or send us an email for more information.

Tai Chi for Health

Movement-based activities were overwhelmingly requested on the 2018 LGBTQ Elders survey, and now Tai Chi for Health runs on Thursdays from 11:00a-12:00p several times a month at OUTMemphis. Tai Chi is low impact exercise perfect for maintaining and increasing flexibility. Classes in 2019 start on January 10th. For more information, check out the facebook event or send us an email.


Colorcopia is an art class put on by artists from the Dixon Gallery and Gardens. Participants will learn how to recreate a piece of art in the Dixon’s collection, gaining new artistic skills in the process.  We will kick off these classes on the second Tuesday of the month for January, February, and March.  The first class of the year will be January 15th. Click here for the Facebook event, or email us to RSVP.



We Care Calls

We Care Calls is a program where trained LGBTQ senior volunteers are paired with homebound (or otherwise isolated) LGBTQ seniors to help fight isolation and ensure our seniors are connected to local services.  We Care Calls volunteers work with their homebound peers to schedule weekly check-in phone calls.  This helps to foster community and to ensure that our elders do not get left behind. If you are LGBTQ and over 55, consider joining this initiative by emailing us. Read more about the We Care Calls program on our website.

Senior Services Committee

All of the services and activities listed above would not exist without the Senior Services Committee.  Through their hard work, these initiatives have been brought forth to address needs and wants specific to LGBTQ seniors.  We are always looking for more enthusiastic volunteers to join this committee.  While people 55 and over who identify as LGBTQ are preferred, anyone is welcome to help make this program flourish. To learn more about the committee, send us an email.

For more information, or to help with this program:

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