Trans ID Workshop
Every First and Third Monday

The Transgender Services department at OUTMemphis, overseen by Transgender Services Specialist Tasha Mack, has a wide variety of programs and services that help transgender and questioning folks find their place in the community and build social, legal, and communal bonds.

We offer multiple transgender, peer-led supportive social groups such as Perpetual Transition, Delta Trans Masculine, Royal-T, and other activities focused specifically on the transgender community. OUTMemphis also publishes our annual Trans Best of Memphis Guide, which outlines places that local trans community members have identified as welcoming and affirming.

Despite the programs and services offered to ease the process of transitioning, we recognize that one of the most challenging areas to navigate (and often the most intimidating) is the process of legal transitioning. This includes name changes, gender marker changes, renewal of IDs with true gender and name, and many other parts of the process. We hope you will join us to learn more about the Trans ID Workshop and the assistance it can provide to navigating the legal system.

If you are interested in this workshop, would like more information, or would like to see a list of dates, please contact us:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does this workshop involve?
A: The Trans ID Workshop is designed to help transgender individuals navigate the legal documentation process of transitioning, which can include a name change, gender markers, and other paperwork. Where applicable, blank documents and applications will be provided as part of the workshop.

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: No. All materials needed for the workshop will be provided.

Q: Do I need to RSVP to come to the Trans ID Workshop?
A: No. This workshop occurs on the first and third Monday of every month and happens directly after Perpetual Transition, our core transgender services group. You are welcome to attend only the workshop, but we also invite you to join us beforehand for PT.

Q: I’m not sure if I’m ready to transition, or I’m not sure what my transition will end up looking like. Can I still attend?
A: Yes! This is merely an informative workshop, and attending certainly does not commit you to anything. Should you decide to move forward with a legal transition, we have resources to assist.