GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) needs your help to collect data.

Every year, GLSEN gathers information from LGBTQ youth around the country about their experience being LGBTQ in our school systems and society. Each year, they take this data and put together a National School Climate Survey report that provides hard numbers that reflect the experiences of these youth. 

OUTMemphis uses this data regularly when working with schools and youth serving organizations to educate them on the needs of local queer youth. The main way we use this is by pulling the data collected to use during our trainings for providers and those who work with youth. We also use it in youth workshops and modules to help bring awareness of the struggles these youth face.

Currently, GLSEN is in the process of gathering data from LGBTQ youth in order to publish their National School Climate Survey for the year 2018, and they need your help. If you are LGBTQ youth and would like to participate, please consider taking this brief survey. The data gathered goes a long way towards furthering change in our community, as well as helping us keep an eye on the social climate that our young folks are interacting with.

To take this year’s survey, click here. This survey closes at the end of May, so get your responses in now!

For more information on GLSEN, click here. To see previous survey results, click here