A Few Highlights of Local Black History in the Making

Welcome Jenieya to the OUTMemphis Team
Jenieya Peterson is making history at OUTMemphis as the first Black woman to be a Sexual Health Specialist at OUTMemphis. As Sexual Health Specialist, Jenieya’s work includes supporting the Health & Wellness programming at OUTMemphis as a direct service provider for sexual health services to LGBTQ+ individuals.
What she hopes for the community is for everyone to have access to education and services that will allow them to make autonomous decisions for themselves that they can feel confident in. “Be the change you want to see.” We are so excited to introduce her to you all and cannot wait to see the amazing work she will do!
Last year, our very own Stephanie Bell, Director of the Metamorphosis Project, was interviewed for the Queer Mississippi Oral History Project at the University of Mississippi.
The project consists of interviews with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer people who were born, raised, or spent significant time in Mississippi.
In the interview, Stephanie discusses her journey discovering her gender identity and sexuality and her experiences growing up in Mississippi as a Black masculine-presenting lesbian. We are so proud of Bell for being a part of documenting and preserving LGBTQ+ history in Mississippi!
Artavius Veasey is putting Memphis on the Map!
Artavius Veasey, founder of I AM Art Campaign and Publisher of Artist feature Magazine was selected as one of David Bridgeworth quarterly’s 2022 LOUD 100 list of LGBTQ+ people of color!
The LOUD 100 comprises people who have leveraged everything to live their dreams while adding meaning to the LGBTQ+ community.
Veasey was recognized for his role in his short film “Timothy.” Congratulations to Artavius!!
PRYSM is back in-person!
Hooray! The advisors are happy to announce that our youth group for teens is no longer virtual (barring any more COVID spikes). The new schedule for PRYSM is 1-3 PM on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.
Our next scheduled meeting is February 12th at 892 Cooper St! If you know someone between the age of 13-17 who might be looking for a group that loves games/food/movies, send them our way!
With a Common Bond is a support group that provides a therapeutic approach to helping participants explore their identity as it relates to their HIV diagnosis. Join us as we cover topics like self-disclosure, discussing engaging in intimacy with partners, and learning life skills to manage and enhance mental and physical health in regard to adhering to antiretroviral medication and reducing stigma about an HIV diagnosis.
With a Common Bond will meet on the first Thursday of each month. This group is for 18 and up.
If you have any questions, email us.
The Donation Center is once again open for donations!
Our youth experiencing housing instability need a wide variety of items to support their joyous existence. Please review of our needs list to view what we are and are not currently accepting.
832 Virginia Run Cove
Monday & Wednesday 10am – 4pm
Email us for appointments or questions.
Applications for March are
Now Open
OUTLast applications for February are now open from February 1st – 15th. Check out our website to see if you qualify.
OUTLast relies on donors like you to continue serving the most vulnerable intersections of our community.