This year, 2019, was an amazing year for OUTMemphis. We have grown exponentially, we’ve developed and implemented new services and programs, and we’ve laid the foundation for even more improvement in 2020. Every step of the way, however, relied on hardworking and committed volunteers. Without the help of our amazing body of volunteers, the work of OUTMemphis simply wouldn’t get done.

To honor these wonderful people, we presented a select few with Volunteer of the Year awards at our Holiday Party & Open House on December 14. These six volunteers have gone above and beyond in certain aspects of the work that OUTMemphis does.

Deb McLane

Senior Services

In her time as a volunteer with OUTMemphis, Deb has been an amazing asset to the organization. While she has helped with many different areas of need (including weekly visits to help clean and water plants), she has truly shone as a member of the Senior Services Committee. Deb has taken over the Seniors OUT And About program, which provides our LGBTQ+ seniors with opportunities to engage in activities outside of the Center. 

Mackenzie Williams

Sexual Health

Mackenzie is a strong advocate in the community for sexual health, working closely alongside our Health & Wellness staff to promote safer sex, HIV testing, and prevention. She has dedicated an immense amount of time to our Sexual Health Committee, as well as volunteering to help with events such as National HIV Testing Day, HIV Testing at Mid-South Pride, and a number of other super helpful things. 

Katie Saucier

Youth Services

Katie spent almost a year as an intern with OUTMemphis while working on her Bachelor’s in Social Work. In addition, Katie has been instrumental in helping coordinate and execute a number of youth based projects such as Queer Youth Field Day and our 1st annual LGBTQ+ Job Fair. She is also heavily involved in PRYSM (our youth community group for 13-17 year-olds), and has done considerable work with Metamorphosis Project

Kab Browley


This award is meant to honor a volunteer that began working with us in 2019, and Kab has hit the ground running. In his time with us, Kab has had no qualms with getting his hands dirty, either literally or figuratively. He has been an amazing facilitator for GenQ (our youth community group for 18-25 year-olds). However, where Kab shines is in the details. He is constantly reaching out offering help with cleaning, event work, set up, or simply just being a friendly welcoming face at the Community Center

Trinette Johnson-Williams


This award is meant to honor a volunteer that has been working with OUTMemphis for multiple years. Trinette exemplifies this, as she has been involved with the center for a very long time. Besides being a former board member, Trinette is always quick to help out. Be it offering her vehicle as a Pride float, helping to move items, storing OUTMemphis items in her space, or working as our Owner Representative for the Metamorphosis Project Youth Emergency Center, she is a long-time asset to OUTMemphis whom we value greatly as a volunteer and as a community member. 

CHOICES: Memphis Center for Reproductive Health


This award is meant to honor an organization that, as a whole, has been a beneficial asset to OUTMemphis. CHOICES has been an amazing community partner, offering collaboration, consultation, and person-power. Notably, CHOICES worked with OUTMemphis on a pilot program for free STI testing this year where we hosted their staff to collect samples for testing for community members. This test program was wildly successful, and wouldn’t have been so without their help. They have also offered consultation from their amazing staff on issues such as fundraising and finance. 

If you would like to become a part of the amazing team of volunteers helping OUTMemphis do the work we do for the LGBTQ+ community of the Mid-South, click here.