Dear community,

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 illness, my staff of skilled providers and community educators have been hustling towards a single goal: Protecting our space and our staff so that we can continue to serve LGBTQ+ people.

LGBTQ+ individuals are at a high risk for contracting the Coronavirus. LGBTQ+ people are much less likely to seek health or social services, for fear of harm or disaffirmation. As your community center, we are committed to progressive health and wellness. For our LGBTQ+ family, especially those who are at risk for contract COVID-19: Your health status does not change how worthy or how loved you are. We are here for you.

We are sharing with you today a series of changes, effective immediately, for a minimum of two weeks. Look out for an update at that time. In order to create a hygienic environment for vital services, we have pivoted our daily life and programs. Our plan is below:

With thanks and solidarity,


Molly Rose Quinn
Executive Director



The Center

Daily Open Hours at the Center (892 S. Cooper) are closed until further notice, which includes all group meetings, all events, all volunteers, and all internships.

Want to meet with your peer group virtually? We can help with that!



Our phone line will be open daily from 9am – 6pm for referrals to services and information about what’s available here.


The Metamorphosis Project: Youth (18-24) Housing

Any youth experiencing homelessness (including current participants and new folks) will have access to all current services, but receive all services by appointment only.


The Metamorphosis Project’s Youth Emergency Center

Our Ribbon-Cutting weekend festivities have all been cancelled. We will be looking forward to a future time when we can show off our new building. Over the next month, some Metamorphosis Project services will move into the new building based on health risks at that time.


LGBTQ+ Youth Job Fair

The Job Fair, scheduled for April 18 at the Haven, has been postponed.


HIV Testing & PrEP/PEP

Don’t let COVID-19 deter you from safe sex! HIV testing will take place M & W, 6pm –9pm, onsite at the Center. Strict health and hygiene protocols will be followed and the Center will be closed to all other staff and all other clients during this time. We have your back.


Dr. KT Hiestand will continue counseling sessions at the Center on Sundays. The Center will be fully cleaned and reserved for clients only during that time.

Transportation for Seniors

Free vouchers for rideshare services (Lyft, Uber, etc.) will be available for LGBTQ+ people 55+ to medical or wellness services. Contact us at the main line to be connected.


Food & Hygiene Support Our Community

Through the course of the epidemic, OUTMemphis is proud to announce that we will be distributing FOOD KITS and HYGIENE KITS to LGBTQ+ individuals in need of all ages and demographics.

Pre-assembled kits are now available at 892 S Cooper Street Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm. Please call in advance to secure your pick-up. Based on availability, at-risk groups will receive priority of supplies.

FOOD KITS will include nonperishable snacks and a sandwich and HYGIENE KITS will include travel size toiletries, soap, hand sanitizer, tissues, wet wipes, socks and condoms.


So, how can I help out?

In order to distribute as many food kits and hygiene kits as possible, we need your support.

  • Drop-Off or Mail-In Donations of supplies will be accepted at our Donation Center at 832 Virginia Run Cove. All donations will be sanitized and sorted before we distribute them. View the donations wish list.
  • Cash Donations: Gifts during this time give us the flexibility and capacity to make these services work best for our clients. Help us help our family.